Ganado Unified School District

Technology Department

Welcome to our page. Our goal is to provide all of the students and staff with the most efficient and worthwhile support experience. You may call (928) 755-1160 to speak with any member of our team or you can call each of us directly.

Technology Staff

If you have questions about the technology in your child’s school, we welcome you to contact one of the staff members below.

Jerome Burns, Supervisor
(928) 755-1168

Olin Bluehouse, Computer/Network Specialist
(928) 755-1167

Leah James, Information Systems Technician
(928) 755-1239

Roxane Martinez, Information Systems Technician
(928) 755-1439

Telford Todecheenie, PC Specialist
(928) 755-1539

Vacant, Information Systems Technician
(928) 755-1339

Please visit the Arizona School Boards Association policy and administrative regulations page to view the Ganado Unified School District Policies.