Ganado Unified School District

Parent Advisory & Indian Education Committees

Ganado Unified School District is proud of our Navajo culture. We want to instill the Navajo values and traditions to all students in the district. We have two committees to help us uphold these traditions and values. We value your input as a parent and encourage you to become involved.

Parent representatives from each chapter make up our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and Johnson O’Malley Indian Education Committee (IEC). They meet regularly to discuss a variety of topics, share information, and make sure they include the needs of parents and their families as decisions are made at the district level. They help keep the lines of communication open between the parents and the school.

PAC & IEC MembersNavajo culture on display in the hallway of Ganado Primary School

2020–2021 Members

Ganado Chapter

  • Philandra Nelson
  • Laurencita Roanhorse

Cornfields Chapter

  • Wallace James, President
  • Janice James 

Steamboat Chapter

  • Kerrie Begay
  • Ernestine George

Kinlichee Chapter

  • Minifred Lilly
  • Gilbert Belinte

Klagetoh Chapter

  • Gayle Neboyia
  • One representative needed