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There’s always something great happening in the Ganado Unified School District. Whether it’s student and staff kudos, new district policies, special events, or athletics awards, we’ll post all the latest news right here.

Ya'aah'teeh from Ganado Primary School

The end of the first quarter is approaching quickly. I would like to say a big “Thank you to the parents!” It has been an interesting start to the school year, and everyone has adapted to the changes. We are all in this together! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s educational endeavors. We are learning something new every single day. It is wonderful to see our kiddos back in school, and staying safe is of utmost importance. Please, remember that we are not doing bus passes this year. If you need to pick up your child, please write a note or send an email before noon that day. Also, if your child is not feeling well, please keep them home. Thank you for your understanding. Below are the upcoming events in October.

What’s Happening in October at GPS…

  • End of the Grading Period – October 7
  • Fall Break – October 8–11
  • Spirit Week – Homecoming – TBA
  • October Festivities – October 25–29 (this will include Halloween Costume Day)
Intermediate School Assessments and Interventions

A majority of the students in-person and online have completed the first Comprehensive Benchmark Assessment Series and the STAR Reading and Math assessments. Teachers have begun analyzing individual student data. Our goal this month is to begin using the data to plan instruction and begin targeted interventions. Teachers will schedule interventions with individual students. Our ALLIED team is working closely with homeroom teachers Monday through Friday during the Literacy Block. Our second goal is to review the 45-day screeners and begin the RTI process. Our Counseling department will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 25 through 29, 2021.

High School Grade Reports

The first quarter ends on October 7, 2021. We will mail out student grade reports the following week. Currently, we are seeing students who are failing courses or have low grades because they are not completing assignments provided by the teacher. Please help your student make time at home to complete homework. Check your student’s grades in the PowerSchool Parent Portal or call your child’s counselor to contact the teachers for further discussion. All online students should be logging into Edgenuity every day and completing work for each assigned class. Online work is not self-paced. A student should complete 50% of each class during the first quarter to be on track to finish by the end of the semester. Your child’s counselor has discussed these requirements with students. If you would like further information, please call your child’s respective counselor (9/10 grades – Ella Tsosie; 11/12 grades – Charlene Kirk).

The first quarter grade is half of the average for the semester grade which earns a student credit for a class. If a student’s grade is below 60%, it is possible that the student can fail a class when the scores are averaged, resulting in no credit for the class. If a student fails a class, they will need to make up the course in credit recovery or summer school. Failure to do so can result in a student not completing all requirements to graduate on time. Please discuss the importance of completing homework and doing well in class.

In addition to completing assignments for class, attendance is also another component of student success. Please have your child attend school on the day they are assigned (A or B) and check in on Google Classroom when they are not scheduled to be in-person. All online students are to check in on Google Classroom every day. If a student does not have Internet at home to check in, please call to notify the school.

Student Meals

Welcome back, students! We are on a hybrid schedule (A) or (B) and also online. You're welcome to pick up your meal according to your building breakfast and lunch schedule at the cafeteria. For more information, please feel free to read our August 2021, newsletter in its entirety. 

Promotion and Graduation

Did you miss our 8th-grade promotion or high school graduation? Did you want to watch either ceremony again? Check out the links below.