Ganado Unified School District

GUSD Administration

It is the goal of our district administrators to provide a supportive, positive environment in which our students will grow into responsible and productive adults who embrace their Navajo culture. We work toward this goal in everything we do. Please contact any member of our administration with questions or concerns.

District Administration

Dr. Betsy Dobias
(928) 755.1011

Josephine Kee
Director, Human Resources
(928) 755.1108

Henrietta Keyannie
Director, Business Services
(928) 755.1048

Shannon Hood
Director, Federal Projects & Grants
(928) 755.1148

Lucy Brown
Acting Director, Exceptional Student Services
(928) 755.1021

James Hanlon
Director, Instructional Services
(928) 755.1068

Director, Operations

School Administration

Jolena Burns
Primary School Principal
(928) 755.1210

Jonas Yazzie
Intermediate School Principal
(928) 755.1310

Leandra Begaye
Middle School Principal
(928) 755.1410

Lucille Sidney
High School Principal
(928) 755.1510

Chris McNabb
High School Assistant Principal
(928) 755.1500

Doris Nelson
Director, Career & Technical Education
(928) 755.1548

Lynette Lookingback
Director, Athletic Program
(928) 755.1558

Program Supervisors & Coordinators

Dennis Dedman
Supervisor, Security
(928) 755.1118

Davis Begay
Supervisor, Transportation
(928) 755.1138

Jerome Burns
Supervisor, Technology
(928) 755.1168

Alicia Ben
Supervisor, Food Services
(928) 755.1158

Kevin Blackwolf
Coordinator, Emergency Response
(928) 755.1057