Ganado Unified School District

School Housing

Our housing program exists to maintain all of the district's apartment complex. Learn more about the variety of services we offer.

Housing Program

In order to foster the recruitment and retention of qualified and dedicated employees, it is the policy of the Ganado Unified School District to provide available housing to its employees at reasonable rates. In order to establish eligibility for housing; to assign the usual responsibilities for the landlord and tenant for the repair, maintenance, and improvement of the housing and premises; to avoid environmental hazards; and to promote community harmony, we have established the policies and developed the forms available in the sidebar of this page.

Housing Summary

There are seven apartment complexes district-wide, six on the main campus and one at the high school campus. The apartments consists of single, duplex, three, and six-plex dwelling units. In whole, housing is in the most need of renovated spaces and/or new units. Apartments will continue to be refurbished as they become vacant.


  • Trailer Court - Purchase three two bedroom and two bath trailers.
  • Elementary apartment 19 through 23 - Continue feasibility study and A&E to determine project cost to remodel the five apartments.
  • Continue to remodel apartments as they become vacant interior/exterior.

    Housing Application Criteria

    • Submit housing application
    • Submit letter requesting housing
    • Copy of current contract indicating full-time employment 
    • Copy of consultant contract/agreement (if applicable)

    Housing Staff

    Kevin Watchman, Housing Lead/Water Operator
    (928) 755-1085

    Eli Williams, Maintenance Worker II Plumber

    Keith Long, Maintenance Worker III Electrician

    Thurman Lee, Maintenance Laborer