Ganado Unified School District

Exceptional Student Services

The Supported Modified Inclusion for Learning Styles (SMILS) is placed in all schools within the school district. The SMILS is designed for students who benefit from supplemental special education services delivered in the regular education environment. The special education students is student first in the least restrictive environment with supplemental assistance by a special education teacher and/or teacher assistant.

The program is individualizes based on each students IEP. Regular education teachers, special education teachers, instructional assistance, and related services staff implement instruction in the regular classroom. The students’ level of support is based on students’ need. The special education teacher and/or TA integrate themselves in the classroom where needed.

Guiding PrinciplesCartoon students holding hands with each other and a teacher

  • Quality and Effective Leadership
  • A Safe and Positive Learning Environment
  • Quality Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.
  • Ensuring Quality Student Performance
  • Professional Growth for Our School 

The mission of the Ganado Exceptional Student Services in partnership with the community and schools, is to provide services to students with disabilities, to prepare them to be functional and productive citizens through direct and indirect services.

ESS provides support services to the schools specialized individualized educational plans for a student who is identified as needing services in areas of reading, writing, and math and as well in therapeutic related services.

ESS works with the regular education teachers and supports the students in the regular education classroom as much as possible as mandated in the Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

The ESS Teachers use the instructional focus calendar to develop programs to enhance the student’s strength/weaknesses. All the Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are aligned and written in accordance to the Arizona State Standards.

Our Goal...

Is to help the students to become as functional as possible and prepare them to be productive citizens. We are working to increase our transition program and assist the parents with the next step after graduation.

Supporting Kids in Learning Life Skills (SKILLS)

The Life SKILLS program is placed in all schools within the district it is designed for students who function significantly below their peers in intellectual ability and adaptive behaviors, which adversely affect a child’s performance in a classroom setting. They also may have a variety of additional or secondary handicapping condition including health-related issues.

Students needs require extensive ongoing support more than one major life activity such a mobility, communication, self-care and leaning self-sufficiency. The purpose of this program is to provide appropriate instruction to enable the students to function as independently as possible throughout their school years and transition to adulthood. IEP transition plans will be developed and implemented through job/life coaches assigned to students under the supervision of the Special Education Teacher.

Exceptional Student Services Staff

Lucy Brown, Director
(928) 755-1028

Evelyn Kinlecheenie, Secretary
(928) 755-1021

Ganado Primary School
Janelle Bluehouse: Pre-K ESS Teacher
Fatima Capalar: K–2nd Grade Resource
Bernadette Lao: K–2nd Grade Life Skills

Ganado Intermediate School
Cristine Lazarte: 3rd–5th Grade Resource
Daylin Montes: 3rd–5th Grade Life Skills

Ganado Middle School
Ladonna Redhouse: 6th Grade Resource
Jeremy Tsosie: 7th–8th Grade Resource
Isah Labor: 6th–8th Grade Life Skills

Ganado High School
Levi Fucoy: 9th–10th grade Resource
Marilyn Benally: 11th–12th Grade Resource
JanJiorelle Vigilia: 9th–12th Grade Life Skills