Ganado Unified School District

School Safety

Our District is proud to have an emergency response coordinator that oversees the overall safety, protocols, and coordination for our district. Please check back often for further information.

School Safety Staff

Kevin Blackwolf, Emergency Response Coordinator
(928) 755.1057

Visitor Management System

Raptor Technologies
The Raptor System: Visitor/Volunteer Management

Raptor is a visitor/volunteer management system, which enhances school security through database screening and printing of photo identification badges for all visitors/volunteers in our schools. ID badges must be worn at all times on our campuses. Additionally, Raptor allows our district to maintain a database of all visitors and volunteers.

Instant Screening Process: The Raptor System ensures that all visitors and volunteers to a school campus are instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states.

Custom Databases: Raptor can check visitors against a school's custom database to ensure safety alerts are managed for school staff.

Efficient Reporting: The system can also create quick and easy reports for schools, or the entire school district, which can help with tracking volunteer hours.

Trusted Protection: The Raptor System is used in our neighboring districts, in Orange County, and beyond. It is trusted by more K-12 schools to protect students, teachers, and support staff than every other system combined.