Ganado Unified School District

Instructional Services

The GUSD Instructional Services Department provides resources and support to teachers, promoting successful classrooms and improved student achievement. Professional Development events, mentoring on instructional design and delivery, Pacing Guide construction and one on one Educational Technology coaching, are supports provided by Instructional Services Staff members, to enhance and enrich the Ganado Unified School District culture of learning. We oversee both the Gifted and Talented Education Program, in collaboration with the GUSD ESS Department, as well as the English Language Development Program. Please feel free to reach out to us, for further information regarding any of our Instructional Services Programs.

English Language Learners

Ganado Unified School District currently has nearly 100 ELL students who are receiving services to develop their English language skills in its schools. English language development instruction includes pronunciation (phonology), word-building blocks (morphology), word order (syntax), and vocabulary (lexicon and semantics). These are foundational elements for proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For more information about ELL, visit the Arizona Department of Education’s website.

Gifted and Talented Program

GUSD provides educational support to students identified as gifted and talented. "Gifted education" means appropriate academic course offerings and services that are required to provide an educational program that is commensurate with the academic abilities and potential of a gifted student. The state of Arizona defines a "gifted student" as: "a child who is of lawful school age, who, due to superior intellect or advanced learning ability or both, is not afforded an opportunity for otherwise attainable progress and development in regular classroom instruction and who needs appropriate gifted education services to achieve at levels commensurate with the child's intellect and ability."

Instructional Services Staff

Adelfa Begay, Director
Phone: (928) 755-1068

Cindy Brown, Secretary
Phone: (928) 755-1061
Fax: (928) 755-1062

Curriculum Pacing Guides

Our GUSD faculty has worked hard to prepare and update instructional pacing guides for each curricular area of instruction. These guides provide an outline to synchronize and align instructional delivery, providing students with a universally aligned educational experience. Pacing guides are posted for parents and community members to know what our children will be learning throughout the academic year.